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Professional Archery Targets

Dear customers,

I have the pleasure to present you with the HMA brand products. The current shape of our targets, as well as their character, are the effects of many years of work, hundreds of tests and trials, thousands of shots, and valuable advice. We started creating the professional archery target in 2009. HMA targets were designed in cooperation with Legnica’s Archery Club – Strzelec. We were supported in our work by the president of Strzelec, Jozef Basciuk, and the double Olympic Games competitor Jacek Proc, as well as many other archers from the Legnica Club. From the beginning we have focused on the quality and endurance of our targets and have succeeded in creating a unique product from scratch that can safely compete with the best brands all over the world. In 2011 we were the main target supplier for the Archery World Cup for Juniors and the World Cup in 2012, 2014 and 2015. We have worked with archery clubs in Poland and with several other European archery federations proving our targets to be widely popular in many European countries. We offer a vast array of archery equipment which can be used for daily indoor and outdoor training as well as for the preparation and carrying out of archery competitions and events of the highest possible sport level.

The HMA Target

Thanks to the outstanding materials used in its production, the target has the following properties:

  • it has an extraordinary long life span (3-5 years)
  • it does not damage arrows
  • its structure enables the user to extract arrows without the risk of bending or breaking them
  • it is damp proof and waterproof
  • it is very light and can be easily transported by one person
  • it has a system of webbing straps which allows the user to secure the target on the target stand without any extras such as ropes or wires
  • it has an innovative system of aluminum tubes used to mount the number and flag
  • every target is marked with our logo

The Core

One of the major advantages of the target is its replacement core, which is made of a special chemical mixture. The core is produced with the use of vacuum technology which creates its unique structure and the following properties:

  • it can withstand around ten thousands shots
  • extracted arrows leave no evidence of penetration as the target mat expands back to its original form
  • it does not damage or destroy arrows
  • it is waterproof
  • its density is 400 kg/m3
  • it is made of elastic which allows it to muffle the sound of an arrow shot (it sinks into the target 5 to 12cm deep)
  • it does not scratch the arrows or make them sticky
  • it is possible to replace the core once it has been completely worn out


HMA - Professional Archery Targets

HMA Targets


HMA Targets


HMA Targets


HMA Targets


HMA Targets


HMA Targets

AMATEUR with stand

HMA Targets


HMA Targets


HMA Targets



What makes our targets special?

  • 1.

    A unique patented material

    A unique patented material used in production provides our targets with many exceptional properties such as resistance to water, durability and long life span.

  • 2.

    The structure

    The structure, weight and shape of the targets make it possible for them to be easily transported by one person as well as being able to replace the core without needing to buy a whole new archery target.

  • 3.

    The replacement core

    The replacement core is the finest feature of HMA targets. The design allows it to withstand thousands of shots thanks to its specific self-healing structure. Extracted arrows leave no evidence of penetration as the target mat expands back to its original form. Once at the end of its life, it is possible to replace the core when it is completely worn out.

  • 4.

    Webbing hand grips

    Webbing hand grips on the back of the target provide easy portability and facilitate the securing of the target onto the target stand.

  • 5.

    Metal ring

    Metal ring placed on the top of the target mat enable its user to attach number and flag directly onto the target.

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HMA Targets are unique

HMA Targets are unique and comprehensive products which are designed carefully in every detail
so as to provide archers with the best possible quality.
Our targets allow you to gain the maximum satisfaction from archery.


about HMA Targets

Jozef Basciuk

Legnica OSL Strzelec archery trainer, International and Olympic teams trainer for many years, co-organizer of main International Archery events in Poland

HMA produces foam targets of the highest global standard. The brand offers a product which not only meets the most excessive requirements, but is also known for a very good quality and competitive price. The product performed very well during the Youth World Championships in Legnica, where national teams spoke very favourably about our foam targets. That’s why we decided we want to use these targets during the World Cup in Wroclaw.

Jacek Proc

Legnica OSL Strzelec competitor – multiple Polish Championships medal winner, two time Olympian

I tested HMA Targets with thousands of shots. Their uniqueness consists of incredible endurance and the materials they are made of. After taking an arrow out of a core, the material expands back to its original form and when the core gets totally worn out there is no need to buy a new target – it is possible to replace just a core. The HMA Targets are characterized by such properties as resistance to water absorption, which means a long lifespan guarantee.

Milena Olszewska

Polish disabled archer, a competitor of Start Club based in Gorzow, bronze medal winner of Paralympic Games in London 2012

Beyond many quality advantages, HMA Targets have a lot of merits, which are particularly important for para-archers: the target is very light and easy to transport, and it is simple to set up and move from one place to another. The weight and oval shape of the targets make it possible to be easily transported by one person. In the HMA product range, every para-acher and club can easily find a suitable item.

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